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Why Cape Fear Academy

Why We Chose CFA

Hear from some of our currents students, parents, 和 alumni about why they chose Cape Fear Academy.

Why We Chose CFA - Price Family

Why I Chose CFA - Tershona (Class of 2018)

Why We Chose CFA - Peebles Family

Why I Chose CFA - Makena (Class of 2023)

what makes Cape fear academy special

Unsurpassed Academic Excellence

A Culture of Respect

Unparalleled Opportunities

A Thriving Community

Portrait of a Graduate

Portrait of a Cape Fear academy Graduate

Cape Fear Academy graduates demonstrate a unique set of skills that come from learning in an environment filled with passionate 和 dedicated teachers who challenge 和 support them in academics, character development, the arts, athletics, 和 more. By educating the whole student, from early childhood to young adulthood, Cape Fear Academy ensures that its graduates are not only disciplined 和 prepared learners but also responsible 和 resilient people, ready to meet the world’s challenges.

CFA graduates are...

  • Confident, motivated individuals who advocate for themselves 和 seek opportunities to develop their interests 和 talents.
  • Informed citizens who are actively engaged in the community around them.
  • Strong communicators who formulate clear arguments, respect alternative viewpoints, 和 express their ideas with clarity 和 creativity.
  • Critical thinkers who can analyze 和 interpret information in a variety of forms.
  • Resilient problem-solvers who persevere in the face of academic 和 personal challenges.
  • Experienced collaborators who know how to listen, contribute, lead, 和 hold one another accountable.
  • Skilled time managers who have experience balancing academics, extracurricular activities, 和 personal pursuits.

Ready to learn more? 联系 our Admissions Team to schedule an in-person or virtual visit 和 see Cape Fear Academy in action.